“Our senior executive capacity has increased geometrically—the senior team is now making more and better decisions with less effort.”
Michael D. Connelly | President and CEO | Mercy Health

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See how we work on the “playing field” with your team to teach them how to achieve more.

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Physician Leadership

Learn how we teach physician executives to lead their teams to accomplish big things.



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“By participating directly in our meetings, O’Brien Group provided immediate feedback that helped us breakthrough to a new level of performance.”

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Lead Better. Achieve More.

We teach senior executive teams of large health systems how to break through to the next level of performance.
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Before the Game. During the Game.
After the Game.

We work with you and your team “on the field,” providing just-in-time coaching that shows you how to change faster and achieve more.

Before: We coach before meetings to discuss ways to get more and better work done.

During: We teach during meetings or work sessions to get teams pulling in the same direction.

After: We coach one-on-one to provide specific performance-improving practices and approaches.

Meet the Team

Our team of former CEOs, psychologists, physicians and executive educators help our clients apply new leadership practices to their live business issues. We coach executives and their teams one-on-one and as a group to help them think clearer, lead better change and achieve faster results.

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What Clients Say

Carol Keehan

Michael O'Brien offers not useful excuses, but insights and help in becoming more accountable and happier in personal and work life.

Robert Shroder

Dr. O'Brien was extremely effective in convincing our management and executive staff that it is critical to change their own hearts and minds before they will be able to change others that they wish to lead. He did this in a style that was fun, energizing, and effective.

Bill Thompson

By participating directly in our executive staff meetings, the O’Brien Group was able provide immediate and very specific feedback that helped us breakthrough to a new level of performance. The team now has direct, constructive dialogue that is allowing us to improve our team performance and reach better decisions.

Jane Durney

O’Brien Group’s underlying premise is that leadership is about getting good work done. They help us clearly see that concept by weaving their approaches directly into the work we are already doing, so their concepts start paying dividends day one.