What Our Clients Say About Us

Lead Better. Achieve More.

We teach senior executive teams of large health systems how to break through to the next level of performance.

Michael D. Connelly

O'Brien Group's approach has increased our senior executive capacity geometrically—the senior team is making more and better decisions with less effort. This kind of senior-level decisiveness has already impacted key financial and quality metrics throughout the system.

Mark Clement

The O’Brien Group consultants gave my team the tools required to move from “good to great”. They did this by working with us during our team meetings as well as individually, ensuring that their support was tailored to the actual challenges we face every day – customized and well – crafted.

Tammie Brailsford

Accountability is one of our core values. Before working with the O’Brien Group, it was a word we used in our marketing materials. Now it is a visible and tangible part of our culture. We set courageous, bold goals and hold ourselves and one another accountable to achieve them.

Carol Keehan

Michael O'Brien offers not useful excuses, but insights and help in becoming more accountable and happier in personal and work life.

Robert Shroder

Dr. O'Brien was extremely effective in convincing our management and executive staff that it is critical to change their own hearts and minds before they will be able to change others that they wish to lead. He did this in a style that was fun, energizing, and effective.

Bill Thompson

By participating directly in our executive staff meetings, the O’Brien Group was able to provide immediate and very specific feedback that helped us breakthrough to a new level of performance. The team now has direct, constructive dialogue that is allowing us to improve our team performance and reach better decisions.

Jane Durney

O’Brien Group’s underlying premise is that leadership is about getting good work done. They help us clearly see that concept by weaving their approaches directly into the work we are already doing, so their concepts start paying dividends day one.

Thomas S. Urban

Like most health systems, we are undergoing significant change. Change brings with it breakdowns-which is normal. The O'Brien Group has worked alongside me and my team to show us how to lead better change by giving us specific tools that help us turn these breakdowns into real leadership breakthroughs.

Richard G. Azizkhan

For me as a physician leader, the benefit of this form of customized coaching is validated every day. Being able to quickly assess with a brief pause to reflect has enabled me to choose the most appropriate decision process. This has significantly improved my leadership effectiveness.